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Eleganza d’argento: The elegance of silver

Written By : Bhoomika Bhagwat

But when good Saturn, banish'd from above,
Was driv'n to Hell, the world was under Jove.
Succeeding times a silver age behold,
Excelling brass, but more excell'd by gold.

— Ovid, Metamorphoses, Book I, trans. John Dryden

Shimmering its way to us, all the way from the likes of the Aegan Sea to the very core of our homes, silver has had a profound relevance in our lives since prehistoric times. Often termed as a mirror into the soul, silver plays a prominent role in both modern and vintage homes. Its sophistication, alongside its sheer beauty has warranted many beautiful pieces of silver furniture.


Silver was largely prominent in Egypt, where it was valued more highly than gold. Bangles with infused semi-precious metals, mirrors, temple inscriptions and other jewellery and artefacts were all decked with thin layers of silver. Other countries in Asia and Europe were also known to use silver in their jewellery and architecture but none were as blatant as Egypt.


The strikingly simple elegance of silver is one among many reasons silver is preferred for furniture. Silver represents hope, unconditional love and kindness – elements that are essential to every home. It is known for drawing out negative energy and replacing it with positivity. Some silverware, such as table silver, have immense antibacterial properties that protect it from decay. Such characteristics allow a home to transform into an ageless palace.


The unfortunate nature of furniture is that it depreciates over time. With Khenshu, that has never been a worry as our exquisite silver furniture ascends all barriers and only appreciates as the years go by. Our relationship with silver is defined by our collaboration of the contemporary with the vintage.