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We at Khenshu focus on creating a luxury palatial experience which can be embedded into everyday living. Our main product mix consists of hand crafted furniture made of seasoned teak covered with the purest form of Silver. Apart from bespoke silver furniture, our design house recreates fusion versions of various art forms practiced between the 18th and 19th century and a modern contemporary line that has a futuristic look.


Our monotonous lives in concrete jungles has us influenced and surrounded by quick temporary fixes that follow the masses. Khenshu is a brand that believes in unique heirloom pieces that can be used as conversation starters. We make luxury handcrafted furniture, inspired by the cool sea breeze, the wafting smell of vast lavender fields or wet mud after a drizzle. Each of our pieces are carefully crafted to tell a story or create a forgotten experience. Celebrating the nuanced workmanship of skilled Indian artisans who have worked in Royal palaces, the brand aspires to bring back the meticulous architecture and decorative arts of bygone eras with a fresh approach.Designed and crafted to fit into modern minimalistic spaces or grand contemporary settings each piece celebrates a unique personality that we find lost in our busy way of life.We strive to bring back to you a sustainable way of life where uniqueness is celebrated and we stop to admire what the earth has to offer. We believe that everything surrounding us has an aura or energy of it’s own that can have influence on us. Hence, we create spaces that have a life of their own and create a revitalized feeling of home that is personal to you when you walk in.